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Century Pines Resort , is a peaceful getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. Indulge in a refreshing getaway at Cameron Highlands and surrounding yourself with the natural attractions. Stay ahead, leave the world behind.


Spend a relaxing holiday on the Highland of Pahang and surround yourself with nature at Century Pines Resort. Experience and indulge in a refreshing getaway at the cool highland, a place to relax, be at peace with your mind and soul. Best memories begin from here, experience the uncommon element.

Cool Highland Getaway

Get up and go for a refreshing getaway at Cameron Highlands! Make your time away by booking the Cool Highland Getaway at Century Pines Resort, escape the heat and head somewhere with cooler weather. Let the stunning views and fresh air bring you to a state of peace.

Highland Surprise Staycation

Planning a surprise birthday / anniversary celebration for your beloved one? Celebrate all your surprises or any special occasions at Century Pines, enjoy romance and intimacy, playful fun moment and create new precious memories together.